Monday, 10 August 2015

Why Do Men Build Larger Muscles Than Women

Looking at the physique of men and women of the same age, the most noticeable thing is that they are very different. 

When considering age mates who have grown together in the same environment and eating the same foods while doing the same activities, the difference is still seen begging the question why do men build larger muscles than women.

Boys to men

Noticeably when girls and boys reach puberty there is a hormonal shift that happens causing the body to undergo some changes. If you are a boy who has reached puberty the testosterone levels in the body automatically shoot up.

With the production occurring in the testicles and adrenal glands, men have a better chance of building bigger muscles, as their muscles are already in a sense on steroids. With this fact and that testosterone is the key ingredient to building of lean muscle in the body, inevitably when it comes to building muscles men will have larger muscles as their body’s shed off the excess fat faster.

Girls to women

If you are a girl developing to a woman, your body will release more estrogen in the body. The estrogen levels will be tasked to ensure there is a development female reproductive system, causing development of breasts, wider hips and storage of fat.

This does not mean that there is no production of testosterone in the body, as the levels are usually 8 times lower than the production found in men. In this case when it comes to building of muscles which testosterone is best used for, the muscles are relatively smaller in comparison as the body is preparing for child bearing.

In simple terms to answer the question why do men build larger muscles than women, the answer is parallel defining hormones. With overproduction of testosterone in men’s body which is the building block of muscles and women having estrogen which causes them to store fat, men will build larger muscles than women.

Also not all muscle building or nutritional supplements for men is okay for women to take, especially testosterone based agents. A popular muscle pills is  Dbol. Over the years it is known as male pill, so much so that every Dianabol cycle chart is dedicated to male muscle builders. 

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